Sunday morning in Hangzhou

Sunday, 08 July 2012 17:00 by

Tai Chi in the park at Westlake 2 minutes from the Flower Inn in Hangzhou. Hundreds of people practicing forms, sword, Chi Gung ballroom dancing and lots more on a balmy hot morning. In the shade of willows and with a hint of a breeze off the lake it was a very pleasant morning. I woke at 6am surprised to find it light and busy outside. Surprised because it was dark and quiet in my room. The immediate location is a short walk from Westlake and in the middle of a backpacker zone which makes it very convenient for finding coffee and western style food. There is a bakery (French?) and several bars which do various egg and bread versions with espresso coffee. I spent an hour and a half watching and practicing in surroundings familiar from my last trip. For those who were there it is where a guy was singing opera, with the orioles in the willows in full song. After some practice and breakfast at Mingtown it took me 2 hours to find an ATM I could use and get cashed up. Now I know it won’t be difficult again. Bank of China is the go. Mastercard and Visa and English option on the ATM. Too easy. I think there is a 1% fee but thats a lot cheaper than a money exchange.

In Transit to Hangzhou

Sunday, 08 July 2012 16:09 by
Late planes, missed flight, no language skills, traveling alone, the adventure begins.... Spent some quality time at Brisbane Airport departure lounge. Arrived early but the flight was delayed about an hour. Lucky I took more than one book to read as I finished one before I was on the plane. It was a pleasant flight with chinese movies and food. Arrived in Guangzhou as my connecting flight was leaving. Immigration took ages but was easy enough when it was my turn at last. No problem swapping to another flight for Hangzhou despite language disability. free wireless while I waited another couple of hours. Discovered my mobile has global roaming on which it isn't supposed to and can't login to optus to turn it off. Wireless is widespread but retrieving mail is perplexing, sometimes works, sometimes says my password is wrong. Couldn't send an email to M. aster Li to say I would be late. Arrived in Hangzhou 3.5 hours late by the time I retrieved luggage and of course Master Li had given up on me so I went to look for a cab into town. Checked in before midnight, not by much and found I was in alively part of town. Quite close to YHA accomodation so live music bars, international food etc. close by. Had a Bittburger off the tap right next door and went to bed. Accomodation is compact but very comfortable. No noise gets in from the live music etc. just outside.

Mind your mitochondria

Thursday, 24 May 2012 10:00 by

Follow the link and watch a very informative video regarding health and diet.


July 2012 Tour to Hangzhou

Monday, 28 May 2012 12:04 by

I am organising a small group to visit Hangzhou China In July 2012 primarily for Tai Chi training and to attend the regional martial art competition.

If you want to accompany the group you are responsible for your own airfare and visa. Suggested flights are in the itinerary on the Downloads page.


Depart Brisbane and Arrive Hangzhou Saturday 7th July 2012, Depart Hangzhou Monday 16th arriving back in Brisbane on Tuesday the 17th July 2012.

Once you arrive at Hangzhou Airport, everything is taken care of. This includes transfer to hotel, twin share accommodation and meals, tournament entry and team uniform (also for non competitors) access to an interpreter, tai chi lessons, and and some tour activities.

The cost after airfares is $2500 which needs to be paid by the 1st of May 2012.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

End of Year 2017

Stephen Ramsdale Thursday, 14 December 2017 14:27

This summer classes will continue on the usual timetable with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Niu Tai Chi classes 8:30 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Niu Tai Chi Push Hands practice Thursday evenings at 6:30.

CoPP Training 8:30 am Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tang Soo Tao Black Belts 4:30 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

PT by appointment.


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